Best Art Studio Storage Ideas

best art studio storage ideas


Time to organise your art studio? A great place to start is to find art storage solutions for your painting tools, canvases and finished paintings.

Here are our top tips for keeping your painting or drawing studio clutter free.

1. Use a toastrack to store all of your canvases

What takes up the most room in your studio? Artworks on canvas – there is only so much accessible wall space before we need another solution!

toastrack was designed by an artist who faced the same dilemma and was unable to find a neat, safe and practical way to store their paintings.

toastrack is a unique and convenient storage/holding system for all of your art projects. Check it out in action:

  • Australian made by local artisans ⠀
  • Stores up to 16 canvases at a time or 8 wet artworks for drying ⠀
  • Made from recyclable Australian aluminium and sustainable plantation timber ⠀
  • Stores canvas sizes from 30 to 122cms⠀
  • Compact (100 x 50 x 80cm) & Portable (under 6kg)
Shop 'toastrack' art storage rack

2. Keep your paintbrushes straight by stashing them in a bucket or rack.

It is important to keep your paintbrushes upright when you are not using them so that the brush bristles do not get damaged.

Fill a bucket, planter or tin with pebbles so that it is easy to stick in your paint brushes.

You could also buy or make your own paint brush rack that will look very stylish alongside your toastrack. We love this DIY by 100 things 2 do.

3. Buy used card catalog cabinets or hardware storage cabinets and organise away.

This is a genius piece of furniture for any studio. Nothing worse then being unable to find a specific paint colour or paintbrush when inspiration strikes!

4. Always have a selection of empty baskets on hand.

When you are on a roll with creating a piece of artwork there is nothing worse than your workspace becoming cluttered and interrupting your creative flow. Once you are finished with a paint tube or another supply, you can simply put it in the empty basket to organise later.

5. Invest in a paint case to keep your supplies organised.

An essential for every painter. You can store everything you need in this compact case, carry it around and arrange your supplies neatly so that they are always in easy access.

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